7th Grade Math

7th Grade Math

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***** 7th Grade math: Middle School math with Tutorials, Quizzes and Activities *****

7th Grade Math: Middle School Math with following features:

1) Tutorials: - We are providing short note tutorials with best examples that are easy to understand.

2) Math Activity Worksheets: - It is a drawing based activity.

3) Quiz: - Here we are going to provide interactive options based quizzes.

4) Rough Pad: - This feature provides the facility to solve given quizzes and activities and mail this solution to your friends and teachers.

5) Report Card: - After playing quizzes you can see your performance report card based on the grade system and also can mail your performance report to your teachers, parents and friends.

Following topics are here in the app:

• Natural Number and Whole Number
• Integer
• Rational Number
• Factors and Multiples
• Square & Square Root
• Cube and Cube Root
• Exponent & Radicals
• Scientific Notation
• Ratio & Proportion
• Unitary Methods
• Fractions
• Decimals
• Measurement of Time
• Metric Measurement
• The Customary System of Measurement
• Percentage
• Profit & Loss
• Simple Interest
• Compound Interest
• Algebra
• Equation in One Variable
• Basic Geometric Concepts (2d and 3d shapes etc.)
• Line, Line Segment & Rays
• Parallel Lines
• Polygons
• Angles
• Triangles
• Pythagorean Theorem
• Circles and its Properties
• Chord of Circles
• Quadrilaterals
• Perimeters and Areas
• Surface Area & Volume
• Probability
• Statistics (Mean, Median, Mode and Range etc.)

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