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Moon Phase Pro

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All-new HD imagery! Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon, right down to the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the dark side. Touch screen control changes date and time as seen from your location - the moon tracks your every move.

One of PC Magazine's 15 Best Nook Tablet Apps.

"Beautifully presented and strangely compelling." - Greg, "...looks amazing, and provides excellent information" - Ravi, "Awesome live wallpaper!" - Troy, "Very cool app with good graphics and intuitive UI." - Seth

"This app ... will show you a moon calendar and what the moon phase was or will be for any date between 1900 & 2100. It also shows you tons of other location-based moon data and has some very pretty animations to get the info across. Recommend!" Appolicious - Best Moon Phase Android Apps

Great for:
Astronomers - "Great App for all Astronomers and star gazers." - JB
Stargazers - "Know the best time to see the stars." - sylvan
Moon watchers - "... great for either moon watching or stargazing." - cameron
Outdoor enthusiasts - "A must have for the outdoorsman" - Andy
Photographers - "Absolutely great for … planning night photo excursions." - Ron
Geeks - "If you’re an astronerd this is the app for you!” - Nakeisha

▶ For any date/location, instantly shows phase, crescent angle, rise/set times, and nearest syzygies
▶ Change phase by touchscreen, trackball, or direct date entry
▶ 2 finger drag rotates the moon: see the far side!
▶ Calendar shows month's phases at a glance
▶ Data pane gives additional details: azimuth, altitude, distance, apogee, perigee, zenith, and more
▶ Choice of imagery: High definition or Maximum realism
▶ Share moon image/data via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, ...
▶ Fully tablet-optimized
▶ Notifications for major phases
▶ Live wallpaper
▶ Multiple sizes of widget, most with optional moon info text
▶ Dynamic shadows of surface features (craters, mountains, etc. - Android 2.2+ only)
▶ Supports installation to SD card. HOWEVER: doing so will disable the widgets and live wallpaper! This is a "feature" of Android, and isn't something I can fix. See

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Modifiche recenti in questa versione

• Fix bug: notifications not working reliably on Android 4.4
• Add moon image to notification (Android 4.1+)
• Rename transit/antitransit (on Data page) to zenith/nadir
• Update a few translations
• Fix bug: Cheese mode "stuck" on Apr 1
• Fix bug: tapping date of major phase on calendar displaying the wrong time

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    by Bruce Reyes il 27/11/2013


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    by Naomi Carbone il 09/10/2013


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    by Samuele Biondolillo il 14/09/2013

    Molto bella magari l'italiano...

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    by Francesco Galimberti il 29/04/2013

    C'è tutto quello che serve sapere.

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    by Andrea Conte il 24/04/2013

    ...e una luna!

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    by German Lai il 01/04/2013

    È un bellissimo programma la consiglio a chi vuole avere le fasi lunari sempre a portata di click!

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    by Gabriele Cucolo il 22/02/2013

    Da sempre. Un soldino molto ben speso.