SDA Hymnal

SDA Hymnal

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• Complete full music scores and lyrics for all of the 695 hymns in the hymnal
• Plus many more hymns from the "old" hymnal and other choruses
• Organ accompaniment for many hymns
• No internet connection needed to use the app after the initial download
• Full featured search, number index, alphabetical index, and bookmark
• Swipe to turn to next/previous hymn in number, title, or bookmark sequence
• Complete responsive readings
• Zoom-in for larger notes and texts
• Perfect for the church musician

How wonderful and convenient to have your hymnal on your tablet or smartphone. This is a full featured complete SDA eHymnal with professionally typeset (not scanned) music scores and lyrics that are ultra sharp and clear. Contains all of the 695 hymns from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal® plus many more from the "old" hymnal and other choruses. 4-part harmony music scores for all of the hymns. Also has all of the responsive readings. As a bonus, many of the hymns have professionally recorded organ accompaniment. Use the accompaniment for congregational singing, or to meditate on during your personal devotions. No internet connection is needed to use this hymnal after installation.

The user interface has a clean look with no ads, and very easy to use. You can quickly and easily find the hymn that you want either by selecting from the alphabetical index of hymn titles and first lines, the numerical index of hymn numbers based on the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal® or your own bookmark list. There is a full featured bookmark list for you to add songs that you need for quick access. Use the search feature to quickly search for words in the title or first line, or just enter a hymn number to jump directly to that hymn. You can also swipe left or right to go to the next or previous song just like turning pages in the printed hymnal. But what is even better is that the swipe turning sequence can either be in numerical hymn number order, alphabetical hymn title order, or bookmark list order. Zoom in for larger notes and texts both in portrait or landscape orientations.

God has given me two talents-music and computer. I have been a church pianist and organist for several decades, and professionally, I am a computer professor. So putting these two talents together, I have personally written this app and recorded the hymns to be a blessing to others. I hope that you will like it and be blessed by it. I would love to hear from you to tell me how I can improve this app.

This app is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church®.

Because of the large number of songs, it will take about 15 minutes initially to download and install this app. No internet connection is required after the installation.

Please email if you have any question whatsoever in using this app.

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Modifiche recenti in questa versione

- The long awaited complete hymnal with full music scores and lyrics for all of the hymns in the hymnal plus many more from the "old" hymnal and other choruses, plus the most requested hymn "How Great Thou Art"

- Enhanced user interface.
- Lyrics to all 695 hymns from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal® plus many more from the "old" hymnal.
- Option to display either music scores or lyrics only.

- A full featured bookmark list

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