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With Instant Translator turns your device into a translator of conversations between different languages, so you can break language barriers in your conversations with foreigners, into your tours... or just practice a language .
It is very easy and quick to use , you just have to say a sentence or write a text and you will see and hear your translation. You can hear the translation as many times as necessary, a written text translated into multiple languages or take a picture of a text and get its translation ​​and all for free.

+ Important note: It is necessary that your device has Internet access to perform translations. +

Features Instant Translator:
- Easy to use and fast.
- Multiple languages​... Translation between Text and Audio (Supports 81 languages)
- Translation of Text Files. (Supported formats . Txt)
- Transcript of speech in real time. (Speech to text conversion)
- Recognition of texts through camera photos. (OCR in beta)
- Audio playback of translations.
- Send your translations by Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line...
- Copying and pasting text to fast clipboard.
- Setup Menu .

If the translator is to your liking, we thank you positively qualify for further improvement.
If you find an error , report it so we can fix it at the earliest.

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