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Byki Mandarin Chinese is a powerful and personalized language-learning system, designed to advance your new language proficiency by expanding your vocabulary reservoir. The engaging flash card interface helps lock foreign language words and phrases into your memory so that you can recall them with better accuracy. Byki Mandarin Chinese will make your language learning easy using its fun, addicting, and lightning-fast 3-step process.

And with Byki Mobile now available in over 30 individual languages, there is a language-learning option for everyone!

* Learn over 1,000 critical words and phrases.
* Hear the language spoken by real native speakers and learn every nuance with Byki's SlowSound technology.
* Read and see your chosen language in its native form.
* Search for words and phrases on Twitter to see how others use the language.
* Track your progress as you work your way through Byki lists.
* Download hundreds of additional vocabulary lists created by other Byki users from our List Central community.

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Modifiche recenti in questa versione

*Ability to store lists on the SD card
*Fixed a bug that caused the app to use too much CPU

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Ingrandisci la schermata di Byki Mandarin Chinese per Android
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    da cliveminni il 09/02/2011

    Loving this app! Even more useful than the pc version as you can study on the go! Really wish it would install to my sd card though, as with all the lists it is over 35MB!