Settle Up

Settle Up

100.000 - 500.000 download

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease of use
  • Both offline and sync with other devices
  • Original (and needed!) app concept
  • It should include extra features: reminders for debtors, for example
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"This is end of 'Who pays' discussion"

Recensione di / Mar 15, 2012

Settle Up is an app that automatically calculates how much has to pay each in shared expenses

Do you remember the last trip you made with your friends? It was awesome except for that annoying discussion about how much paid one or the other. Shared expenses are always a focus of discussion if calculations aren't clear. Settled comes up with this purpose.

Just create a group with the members that are going to share expenses. You can do it offline ( just in your phone) or shared (synced across more phones and safely backed). First off, sart to input how much money each one paid (choose who pay, currency, amount and the concept). The app automatically calculates the debts of each member and who needs to be paid back (check it out from payments log). When a debtor pays back then you tap on its debt and mark it as "Settled up" (if pay in cash) or choose paypal payment option which will automatically mark it as paid after completing transaction. You can also send a debt report to the members of the group via e-mail.

That's the idea. You can create more groups and switch between them. It will be specially useful for roommates, trips with friends and any other situation in which you share expenses with other people.

The app is set in a simple but user-friendly interface made up by four tabs. Navigation is intuitive, calculation seems to be correct and it's available in more than 15 languages. In a nutshell, an app that you should have installed in your device to keep your friendship intact when sharing expenses with your mates.

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SETTLE UP is an indispensable app for friends and flatmates who need to keep track of shared bills and expenses. It comes in handy when you're planning a group trip or a party and don't want to have it ruined by constant discussions over "who paid" and "who should pay". This app will help you settle the debts and the emotions.

Key features:
• Sync with other Androids, iPhones and the web, also works fully offline
• Focus on great user experience, tablet layout
• Possibility to have multiple groups and swipe between them
• Payments log
• Minimal number of transactions to settle debts within a group
• Multiple currencies
• Uneven split (useful for families or couples), more people can contribute to the payment
• Attach image of receipt to the payment
• Email export, export/import to SD card and CSV
• Repay your debts easily via PayPal (no fees)
• For developers: open API
• Translated to 20 languages

More available via in-app purchases:
• remove ads
• filter payments
• convert debts into single currency

• Contacts - suggesting names and e-mails
• Internet, Phone state - sync, PayPal, statistics
• Accounts, Sync - sync
• SD Card - storing of receipts

Beta version:

Modifiche recenti in questa versione

Material design.
Instant synchronization to all devices in your group.
More informative notifications.

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  • (74)

    da Gilbou il 17/07/2012

    There is another app to do this (existed before Settle Up) : Tricount is totally free and available on iPhone, Android, and even at Facebook!

  • (74)

    da Andrea Cuoccio il 08/04/2015

    Utile in qualsiasi situazione e per ogni vacanza! La uso da ormai qualche anno e mai dati problemi. In caso di necessità lo sviluppatore risponde alla mail.

  • (74)

    da Francesco Craighero il 06/04/2015

    App eccezionale per dividere i pagamenti quando si esce con amici. Da sistemare solo la possibilità di sincronizzarsi, che trovo poco chiara.

  • (74)

    da Lorenzo Donati il 25/01/2015

    Se si potesse filtrare per i motivi di spesa sarebbe da 6 stelle. Davvero eccezionale, semplice e pratica.

  • (74)

    da megliotardicheManga il 04/01/2015

    Usato per vacanze in gruppo numeroso e con spese eterogenee e difficili da distribuire, ci ha semplificato moltissimo la resa dei conti. È sufficiente che la installi uno solo del gruppo (purché riporti le spese di tutti), agli altri si spiega facilmente in pochi passaggi... la terrò sempre con me!

  • (74)

    da Gianluca Solcia il 19/11/2014


  • (74)

    da Marco Baccala il 04/11/2014


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