Al Ghamidi Quran Nasheed Azkar

Al Ghamidi Quran Nasheed Azkar

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Free Saad el Ghamidi Holy Quran:
This Application Contain:
Duaa & Athkar
By Sad Al ghamdi
Saad al Ghamidi is a Saudi reciter born in 1968 in the Oriental, Saudi Arabia.
He studied in Dammam. As a student, Saad was very active. He often participated in summer journeys, Quran Memorization circles, associations. He graduated from the University of Shariîa with a Degree in Usool al Deen. In 1990, he memorized the whole Qur'an and was distinguished by his soulful voice as a qaari Saad al Ghamidi has a ijaaza in al Isnad on the recitation of Hafs by Assem
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saad el ghamidi- Sa3d alghamidi
Morning Athkar
waking Athkar
Athan Athkar
Out of Home
After Ablution 
Entering mosque
Opening takbeer
Opening takbeer II
Night prayer duaa I
Night prayer duaa II
Night prayer duaa III
Arrkoua II
Arrkoua III
After Arrkoua
Prostration night prayer
Prostration night prayer II
Prostration of recitation
Prostration of recitation II
Between Prostrations
Knout Duaa
Tashahhud of prayer
After Tashahhud
After Prayer
After Prayer
Traviling Duaa
Anasheed Al Ghamidi:
My brother
Allah Akbar
Dont Say

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