Classic music(download)

Classic music(download)

50.000 - 100.000 download

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Classical Music (548 track)
- Prenatal Music : The initial (1~3 month), Mid-term (4~7 month), The end (8~10 month), Increase the EQ, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Self-confident
- Baby (~5 years) : Think healthy, Calm, To sleep better, Infant Intelligence, Siesta, Children Play, Lullaby
- Children (6 years~) : Positive Thinking, Childlike, Tranquil, Emotion, Imagination, Brain Development, Piano, Self-control, Mischief, Relieve Stress, In the cartoon
- Learning at school : Elementary School, Middle School 1, Middle School 2, Middle School 3, High School
- Mood : Beautiful, Positive, Soothing, Alone, Daybreak, Overtime, Concentrate, Reading, Coffee to go with, Wine, Comfortable, Romantic, When I need you, In joy, Saddest, Powerful, Loud
- Mind control : Piano, Bach and Mozart, Clear up, Sleep inducing, Concentration 1, Concentration 2, To clear the brain, Passion and fury, Yoga, Comfortable rest, Refreshing rest, Be full of energy
- World best 100 : Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

You can listen to classical music by downloads instead of streaming from the server.
Downloaded music is stored in the SD card.
You can add or delete music you want to listen into bookmark list.
You can post your feeling in the bulletins during listening to music.
And you can express the like and leave a comment about the post.

There are 5 search method what music I download.
1. Tastes : main category and sub category
2. Composer and genre
3. Keyword search of title
4. Average rate of music (ranking order)
5. Sum of rates (ranking order)

User can mark rate about the music listen.
You can decide which music you download by means of ranking or number of posts.
To download music, we need your points so you can charge points by clicking Ad. or by purchasing the in-App billing.
The music you download will be deducted points depending on the size of the music.
In order to use the service, it requires registration and login, need to accept the Terms of Use and Privacy.
Personal information collected is used only for the service.
We provide 3 registration methods: e-mail address/password, Facebook account or Kakaotalk account.
Enjoy listening to more than 350 famous classical music including the world best 100.
Please refer to the help in the app., Youtube videos, or Facebook page "Classical Music Community"
I will constantly strive to provide a good service. Thank you.

v1.3.0 Contents server has changed. SNS(Post, Like, Comment) and Ranking function is added.
v1.3.1 Added Feature : Points is charged by clicking Ad.

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Modifiche recenti in questa versione

v1.3.0 Service server is changed and the SNS, ranking function is added.
v1.3.1 Points is charged by clicking Ad.
v1.3.2 Free trial points is provided when the app. is installed.
v1.3.3 minor modification(v1.3.2 ok)
v1.3.4 in post window, post, help center, facebook page menu is added
v1.3.5 when post, bug fixed

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