99 Toolkit cache battery more

99 Toolkit cache battery more


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99Toolkit is essential toolkit of the android phone.
This is on the market today is the latest and best android toolkit which includes a dozen of common tool, and will add more.


√ 0. Desktop Widgets
# Real-time battery desktop widget
# Quick switch desktop widget
# Quick toolbox desktop widget
# Task killer widget

√ 1. System Status
# Graphical display of battery status
# Graphical display of memory state
# Graphical display of internal storage state
# Graphical display of SD card state

√ 2. Power saving settings
# Real-time display of battery status
# Custom power-saving mode, one tap to switch mode
# One tap to switch a set of setting

√ 3. Cache cleaner
# One Tap to clear all caches, release the internal phone storage
# Cache size alerts

√ 4. History clean up
# One Tap to clear historical data on the phone
# Supplementary clean way also provide

√ 5. Recent task
# Show all the recent tasks
# One Tap to terminate task

√ 6. Process Management
# Show all running process
# One Tap to kill process
# Auto kill process

√ 7. Service Management
# Shows all running service
# One Tap to terminate services

√ 8. File Manager
# Explore SD card
# Recognize the all kinds of files

√ 9. Uninstaller
# Display all user-installed applications
# One tap to backup all applications
# Support batch uninstall
# Support batch backup

√ 10.APP2SD
# Display applications on phone storage
# Display applications on SD card
# Display applications which installed only phone storage
# Support move to the phone
# Support moveto SD card
# Support batch operation

√ 11. Installer
# Display the application stored on the SD card
# Support batch installation

√ 12. Battery Information
# Battery real-time information
# Support launcher widget

√ 13. Volume Setting
# Adjust the ring volume
# Adjust the notification volume
# Adjust the media volume
# Adjust the alarm volume
# Adjust the system volume

√ 14. System Information
# Display the phone's hardware information
# Display the phone's software information
# Display the phone's network information

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99Toolkit is the latest and best android toolkit on the market, just try it.
If you have any questions, you can contact us: isnowstudio@gmail.com

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task process service task killer process killer service killer task manager memory free save battery
history cleaner history eraser clean clipboard delete call log
cache clean cache clear cache phone storage

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  • (72 stelle)

    da armando vagnarelli il 28/04/2014

    Banale e inutile

  • (72 stelle)

    da Marco Paesani il 27/01/2014

    Great !

  • (72 stelle)

    da Francesco Ienopoli il 11/08/2013

    App utilissima

  • (72 stelle)

    da Raquel Justine il 16/03/2013

    Non serve a niente! !!! Anche se liberi la cache e termini i background torna tutto come prima in pochi secondi. Sono stanca!!!!! Ho staccato l alimentazione un ora fa e ho già l 85% di batteria.

  • (72 stelle)

    da Peciot Mail il 02/02/2013

    Ha tutto ciò che serve per mantenere il telefono pulito ed efficiente

  • (72 stelle)

    da alessandro abramo il 05/01/2013

    At first look perfect, fast & efficient. Cancel frequent call too! But how can I Put items in toolkit widget? It's empty....