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Want more free space to install apps? Use our 1-Touch Cleaner to get more free space by clearing cache created by apps. You can get more space by getting rid of app cache which is created for temporary use by apps. Now you can even free-up system RAM by killing apps with the integrated Task Manager.

That is what precisely this app is designed to do, just select one of the cleaners namely the App Cache Cleaner, RAM Cleaner, Call Log Cleaner or Message Cleaner provided in the app or our use the 1-Touch Cleaner button to clean the selected caches and logs.

You don't need to ROOT your phone anymore!

You can clear call logs such as Dialed Calls, Missed Calls, Frequently Called (Android 4.1 and above) and Received calls as well as text messages that have been Sent, Received, Failed sending or saved as Drafts.

✔ 4 cleaners in one app: App Cache Cleaner, RAM Cleaner, Message Cleaner and Call Log Cleaner.
Clear App Cache alongwith prompt when cache crosses the selected size.
Clean RAM to get an instant boost in memory, you can also add apps to ignore list.
Clear call logs by category (Missed, Dialed and Received).
Clear text messages by category (Sent, Received, Draft and Failed).
Auto notifications to clear apps cache and RAM when they cross the selected value.
✔ Clear frequently called (Android 4.1 and above).
✔ Clear default browser history, clipboard and search history of Google Play Store (Google Market).
✔ A configurable 1-Touch Cleaner button to clear selected caches and logs.
✔ Clear Cache notification with variable options like clear cache when cache size is > 500KB, > 1MB etc.

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