Trova il mio Telefono


Trova il mio Telefono's review


This tracker app works to find a phone linked to your account.

  • Track your phone
  • Easy to use
  • Works in background
  • Must've location on
  • Location off
  • Needs automatic updates

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"Find Your Phone Or Your Teenager"


The Find My Lost Android Phone app lets you put a tracker on your phone and all your loved one's too. That way if your phone gets lost, or your teen doesn't return your texts, you can find them via the map function. The app uses new triangulation technology and cell phone towers to pin point locations. While it's not always 100 percent accurate, it's pretty darn close.


This tracker app does it's job and works quietly in the background. It does't put too much of a drain on the battery and is easy to use and sync.


The app only works if the phone in question has its location on. It's not always right on with location, but it's rather close enough for you to realize your wife left her phone at work. It doesn't always update automatically.

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Apr 10, 2015

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