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Media Insiders Mobile

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Our mission is simple—to understand how people view, use and share today's media, including digital, internet, mobile, TV and social media.

You help us, we reward you!

Download MI Mobile and activate today, then just keep your phone with you throughout the day (including while you watch TV) with MI Mobile running in the background.

The more you share, the more you earn. Yearly rewards could add up to over $500 a year. Better yet, win $10,000!

Check Weekly Activity Status to ensure MI Mobile has 5 days of Mobile Meter, 1 day of TV, and 3 days of M-Connect!

Even earn additional rewards for survey participation.

Rewards pile up quickly.

Media Insiders is an ongoing research initiative led by Symphony Advanced Media ( to better understand how users view and share digital, internet, mobile, TV, and social media across multiple media sources. Insiders participation enables us to provide insights to help our clients make informed decisions about how the information they deliver.

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Modifiche recenti in questa versione

3.1.6: Bug fixes for delay start of VPN.
3.2 :
•NEW Weekly Activity Status
•NEW indicators to Facebook and Twitter connect buttons
•NEW Support screen
•NEW Sync Log
•NEW Message feature
•MANY Bug Fixes including VPN
3.2.1: Minor bug fixes

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