Storm8 Games: All-in-1

Storm8 Games: All-in-1

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Storm8 Games: All-in-1
Tired of having -8- different applications for each game by Storm8? Well now with this application you don't have too! You can play all Storm 8 games with this single application which helps reduce the clutter on your menu screen, and home screen!

* Includes Storm8 games such as iMobsters Live, World War Live, Pets Live, Racing Live, Kingdoms Live, Ninjas Live, Vampires Live, and Zombies Live!
* Plays exactly the same as each individual Storm8 game, and looks exactly the same.
* Quickly cycle through each game in seconds through the click of the back button.

* All Storm8 games require an internet connection, and this application is no different.
* This application doesn't give you an advantage in game, but does give you an advantage on reducing the amount of applications you have, and therefore reducing the amount of space.
* Please be aware that their may be bugs in this application, but we are constantly working on improving and reducing the amount of bugs.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by email.

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** Initial release **

Bugs are definitely possible, so please send in any crash reports that may occur during game play. We will also provide patches to fix any bugs that we come across ourselves.


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  • (70 stelle)

    da waylonh84 il 20/05/2011

    no stars this is a rip off stopped working thirty mins after purchase also its off the market and I believe we should file a ckass action lawsuit against the developer.