WiFi File Transfer


WiFi File Transfer's review

Transfer your files over the air

  • It works well
  • Fast transfer speeds
  • Deal with multiple files at a time
  • Missing crucial features
  • Needs a save location option

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"Ditch That Silly Cord Forever"


WiFi File Transfer makes it easy for you to ditch the old-fashioned USB cord and transfer all your files 21st century style. With several helpful touches, such as the ability to run in the background, you'll be transferring a ton of files seamlessly and easily in no time at all.


Overall, WiFi File Transfer works quite well. The transfer speeds are fast and the user interface has a clean design and is easily navigable. Being able to upload or download multiple files at a time is a nice touch.


Some of the best features are locked up behind the Pro version. There should be an option to choose where the file is saved to once it is transferred to the computer.

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