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Android Weather - 14 Days's review

A useful and easy weather app

  • Fast and smooth user experience
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Free, ad-supported
  • No widget

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"What's the weather going to be like in two weeks?"

One of the most formidable features our beloved smartphones have is to get what's the weather like here, in Moscow or wherever. However, not all weather apps include the forecast prediction, or have it as a yet-another feature lost in a maze of options and settings. Android Weather is strongly focused in predictions and these are clearly shown, first as a quick preview or a little bit more detailed if you ask for more info.

User interface, made of big buttons and a generous text size, is optimal for people not used to toy with smartphones, but everyday users will also appreciate it: in the end, it's all about knowing what's the weather like and what will the weather be like at a glance. As aforementioned, if you tap for further info you'll get wind and atmospheric conditions and sunset and sunrise hours. You move through the interface by swiping and tapping, quite intuitive and easy.

The app is customizable to set your own background (Earth shown by default) and show either Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. It supports fourteen different languages. Yes, it might not be as well-know as other weather apps, but it'd be the weather app I'd install on my mum's smartphone thanks to its easiness of use and clean interface. Indeed, unless you are a weather app power user, this weather app is as useful as any other, but faster and smoother.

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Ago 21, 2013

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