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Scarica Mensagens Bonitas e Prontas Mensagens Bonitas e Prontas icon

Mensagens Bonitas e Prontas

Send and share lovely phrases to your friends.

Similar app: Mensagens de amor em português

Gratis 7.1 27.4K

7.1 Valutazione
Scarica RealTimes (con RealPlayer) RealTimes (con RealPlayer) icon

RealTimes (con RealPlayer)

The RealPlayer Cloud lets you watch movies from different devices.

Similar app: Trunx Photo Organizer & Cloud

Gratis 8.1 41.7K

8.1 Valutazione
Scarica Lady Pill Reminder Lady Pill Reminder icon

Lady Pill Reminder

Never miss a pill again with the Lady Pill Reminder app.

Similar app: Lady Pill Widgets

Gratis 7 39.9K

7 Valutazione
Scarica TV Pokémon TV Pokémon icon

TV Pokémon

Fifty full streaming Pokémon episodes

Similar app: The Flash !

Gratis 8.6 55.9K

8.6 Valutazione
Scarica Solid Explorer Classic Solid Explorer Classic icon

Solid Explorer Classic

Solid Explorer is a file browser that merges good-looking layout, intu...

Similar app: Solid Explorer File Manager

Gratis 9 46.7K

9 Valutazione
Scarica Color Touch Effects Color Touch Effects icon

Color Touch Effects

Color Touch Effects allows you to edit photos by swiping your fingerti...

Similar app: Effetto colore Photograp Edit

Gratis 5 133.5K

5 Valutazione
Scarica Video Player Video Player icon

Video Player

This video playing app plays a range of video formats.

Similar app: Video Player For Android

Gratis 8.5 77.4K

8.5 Valutazione
Scarica Camera51 Camera51 icon


This intelligent camera gives you the best angle for the perfect shot

Similar app: Camera360 Ultimate

Gratis 7 23.7K

7 Valutazione
Scarica MSN Salute & Benessere MSN Salute & Benessere icon

MSN Salute & Benessere

Staying in shape and keep a healthy body and mind

Similar app: MSN Sport - Risultati

Gratis 8 10.6K

8 Valutazione
Scarica Text Free on Textfree Texting Text Free on Textfree Texting icon

Text Free on Textfree Texting

Pinger Messenger is a global free calling and texting multi-platform a...

Similar app: Text Free: Calling Texting App

Gratis 7 76.8K

7 Valutazione
Scarica Etsy Etsy icon


Etsy is an alternative market app for selling/buying handmade items of...

Similar app: Vendere su Etsy

Gratis 7 59.7K

7 Valutazione
Scarica OneNote OneNote icon


Microsoft's official note-taking app, syncs across all devices

Similar app: OneNote for Android Wear

Gratis 7.1 86.9K

7.1 Valutazione

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