• Pocket translator


    Now you can have your Android translator, easy, manageable and easy: -It makes translations of Spanish to English and Russian -Translations from English to Spanish and Russian -Translation from Russian to Spanish and English -Voice recording if you want to write. -Easy to use and very effective...

  • Rojadirecta



    € 0,69

    Now you can view in your android device hundreds of channels from all platforms, sports channels, movie channels, documentary channels, international channels, sports channels and many more. Remember to use this application you need to install on your android device the Adobe Flash player for...

  • Ghost Detector Android 1.0



    € 0,69

    The first extra-energy detector that uses all your Android phone to capture foreign entities. -Use all sensors Android. -Set it up for you. -It is 100% reliable. -Take photos in real time. -Find foreign entities. -Updates each month. -Send comments to improve

  • Elige tu propia aventura 1




    Una serie de historias donde tu eliges el final que quieres, elige entre mas de 5 finales distintos, si consigues llegar al final adecuado, enviando un correo electrónico, podrás optar a ganar premios. Ayúdanos para seguir haciendo aplicaciones, déscargate...

  • Sei tu lo sviluppatore??