Dead Strike

Dead Strike

1.000 - 5.000 download

  • Well-done atmosphere
  • Interesting sound and visual effects (bog...)
  • Controls
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"They may be undead, but I feel un-alive"

Recensione di / Jun 06, 2013

A TPS survival horror game

Dead Strike is a third person shooter, somehow a horror survival game in which you take the role of a survivor in his or her quest to keep being alive. As expected, you have to gather weapons, but also resources in order to survive. This game pays special attention to sounds, and wearing you headphones on can save you more than once, as some scares are like broken windows or gloomy groans just before a zombie suddenly shows up.

Atmosphere is well done, but controls are quite clumsy, and there isn't any option to adjust or customize them, so you'll often find yourself running backwards while randomly shooting at shuffling zombies. More serious is that missions are a little bit unclear and interface needs far more improvement to be positively useful.

Anyway, here's a game with lots of potential, really. Download and install and check it out for yourselves.

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Qui è disponibile la descrizione originale fornita dallo sviluppatore
Dead Strike is a mixture of a psychological survival horror and a zombie shooter genre.

This game brings out a powerful and deep storyline, four different characters with unique abilities (different ways to play the game)!

Are you brave enough to face zombies or do you prefer to avoid them and act stealthy? Is up to you! Featuring eye candy graphics and special effects on the all Android platforms!

- Four playable characters.
- Each one with unique abilities:
Speed, Strength, Healing, Damage, Stealth.
- Nine weapons (including Flamethrower, Mini-Gun and Chainsaw!)
- Powerful and deep survival horror storyline.
- Original soundtrack.
- Play through day and night!
- Lens-flare, Mist, fog and dust effects!
- Life like special effects and animation.
- 3D spatial sounds, know exactly were an enemy is coming from!
- Monsters reacting to sounds and noises.
Communicating amongst each other, looking for fresh meat!
- Hordes fights and boss fights.
- Well-balanced difficulty progression:
The more you advance, the harder enemies are!
- Immersive 3D environments:
- 46 levels to play through, all in a huge urban European city.
Including: buildings, shops, industrial, etc.
- Item pickups (ammunition, items... even money).

!!Cheat (Score will not upload)
iwhantweapons: Ready for the next civilian war! Get All weapons.

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Dead Strike now available on the Android!
Coming Soon to iPhone/iPod/iPad.
First Version of Many to come.
Small updates made from the original version.
Under New Ownership.

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