Zombie Evil

Zombie Evil

10.000.000 - 50.000.000 download

  • Upgrading system
  • Cartoony graphics
  • Entertaining
  • Gets boring after a while
  • Ads (pop-up)
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"Last hope"

Recensione di / Jun 11, 2013

Zombie Evil is a defense shooting game featuring a zombie invasion

Zombies, yes, zombies again. You all like them, don't you? If you don't, no worries, Zombie Evil isn't about showing any love for them, but pumping them full of lead. Actually, if you aren't into realistic bloody faces and disgusting details, you are in the right place again: Zombie Evil is set in cartoony graphics that makes it more attractive for a wider audience.

You are the last survivor in the city after a horde of zombies took it. At least you've got some weapons and a place to shoot them from. And bullets, a bundle of them. So, gameplay is quite: shoot zombies an other undead as they approach your position. For shooting you just need to tap and flick to zombies to kill them. Bear in mind that some are tougher than others, so, as you progress, you should upgrade your weaponry with the coins and diamonds you get. You can also get packs by in-app purchase.

The game is set in cute cartoony graphics. Animations and effects are cool too. There's some sense of humor wearing it all. Controls are responsiveness and the upgrading system is quite fair. I'm personally missing more storyline, something else to get hooked to the game. Otherwise, it can gets boring after a while. Anyway, if you are looking for a good timekiller for waiting time at the bus stop, you've got to the right place.

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Qui è disponibile la descrizione originale fornita dallo sviluppatore
In 2013, the human race was labeled as the biggest threat to continued progress on Earth by Dr. Evil. In the eyes of the Doctor, humans were no longer fit to wear the crown of masters of this world.To him,it is time for the Zombie the next evolutionary step to becoming masters of the Earth.

The Doctor has amassed enormous zombie armies and has begun unleashing them on the world. The world has plunged into crisis. Our species is facing extinction!

As the world’s governments fall, one after the other, it’s up to you and a handful of survivors to take the planet back for the living.

Hunt Dr.Evil across the globe, using wormholes to jump through space and time, destroying legions of the undead everywhere you go.They have you outnumbered, but you have them outgunned!

The world is waiting for a savior to bring hope back for the human race.

19 different weapons to use in your quest to rid the planet of the walking dead!
6 different characters with 5 different skills to develop and upgrade. Upgrade your character in different ways to make the adventure unique.
3 World maps! 21 classic scenes! 126 levels! A truly global adventure! Sweep away all zombie enemies in the chaos of time and space.
21 different zombie enemies! Pick up your weapon to smash them to atoms!

Thrillingly tough BOSS battles! More challenges and better rewards if you have the skills to conquer them!

Completely free! Endless free gold and level clearance rewards will make you enjoy the game without paying anything!

Put on your earphones and relax to a symphony of gunfire while you take the Earth back for humanity!

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    da RICARDOGALETTI il 26/11/2012


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    da Giovanni Terracciano il 17/02/2015

    Bellissimo anche le ami!!!

  • (70)

    da Nicola Zanini il 07/02/2015

    Bellissimo fantastico anche se ci sono dei muri difficili

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    da Anna Marangelli il 05/02/2015

    Mamma mia x il mio Tel e il gioco+bello che sta per la mia xbox one e il +bello e coll of duty black ops 2 ma zombie ho preso altre mappe ma a multiplayer nn mi batte nessuno!!!!!! Il mio nome xbox live e visualfir0891

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    da Gabriele Di Martino il 02/02/2015

    Niente di che è dopo un po annoia.

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    da Francesco Nubile il 28/01/2015

    Bellissimo passatempo. Complimenti agli autori

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    da Андрей Кейван il 20/01/2015


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