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In a Permanent Save State

In a Permanent Save State

10.000 - 50.000 download

  • Outstanding originality and concept.
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Too difficult
  • UI issues
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Recensione dell'esperto

"Be afraid of life, fear the afterlife"

Recensione di / Nov 15, 2012

The game forbidden in iOS, now for Android

We face one of the most controversial games ever, a game about the quintessence of mobile industry, different points of view on how afterlife should be and, by the way, a platform game with odd physics, all at once. Be warned, even when this game doesn't cease to be a casual game after all, it isn't a game designed to be fun per se, hence the lack of color saturation, silly jokes or a catchy soundtrack.

Game puts us under the skin of those poor souls who have committed suicide when working in a well-known factory, every one with his own dogmas about death and what happens next. The non Western approach to afterlife may make feel both Western and Eastern players disoriented at first, but it's an original touch in the end. Every stage is set around an afterlife concept, everything pretty macabre,

Design can only be qualified as gloomy as awesome. However, it seems that this game has been ported to Android in a too hasty way, because controls are too difficult and game can quickly become nearly unplayable. We would recommend this game for anyone who wants to look for serious casual gaming after funny casual gaming, but we must also remind you to check the "what's new" section to be sure that Benjamin Poynter has fixed up what he should. Anyway, a game that deserves all our attention.

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Qui è disponibile la descrizione originale fornita dallo sviluppatore
UPDATE. 1.1. Fixes. Optimized through updated SDK (4.2). Crashes should be less a burden. Slight mechanic issue in stage 2 fixed. Apologies for wait. Desperate measures taken on eve of the IMGA.

After Apple's Removal : This is a game about the collective afterlives of seven overworked laborers who committed suicide in the Foxconn camp, commissioned by Apple. I am being quite critical of them and their human rights violations.

Before Apple's Removal : A cerebral, fantasy driven application about events that are true and currently exist. In a Permanent Save State is a game that falls into the evolving category of 'serious games' or if you will 'games for change'. The interconnected narrative it tells sheds nameless perspective upon the Western spectacle vs. the Eastern dream. Furthermore, has a root in cultural truisms which define the aesthetic and faith for those involved. There is an effort made to deconstruct these notions and the video game form itself. Those who assemble the dreams of this world now have their own at a devastating cost.

Modifiche recenti in questa versione

UPDATE. 1.1. Fixes. Optimized through updated SDK (4.2). Crashes should be less a burden. Slight mechanic issue in stage 2 fixed. Apologies for wait. Desperate measures taken on eve of the IMGA.

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Commenti e valutazioni per In a Permanent Save State
  • (54)

    by Filippo Lovato il 13/10/2013

    Bella grafica, ma quando esco vorrei ricominciare da dove ho interrotto.. (Dopo il lv.3 si blocca però)

  • (54)

    by alessio mocellin il 15/05/2013

    Nn l'ho capito io sto gioco

  • (54)

    by Denis Canepa il 13/03/2013

    Stock JB 4.2.2

  • (54)

    by Rubens Rainelli il 18/01/2013

    2 stelle perché non è ottimizzato e per di più al secondo livello non si comprende come andare avanti visti che la freccia indica il sopra ma non ne vengo a capo... peccato, perché l'idea e lo stile sembra interessante.