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A MMO management game

  • Overall, correct.
  • Multiplatform
  • Too much micromanagement
  • Too sober graphics

"Deer spirit, shall you help us?"

The same creators of Lords & Knights, Xyrality, bring this refined version of the same game, Celtic Tribes. Our goal will be to make our little Celtic town grow and defend it from other players at the same time. You have to gather resources, either raiding or harvesting, and look for a nearby alliance because you have to keep in mind that other players are also looking for resources and that means that you, especially at the beginning, are an easy prey.

Game's easy and can be played for a daily short while as long as you keep balance between how many resources you get and how much you can store. Micromanagement can be too tedious for players not used to games of this kind, but will be enjoyed by players who already are. Anyway, you can always learn the hard way. Lastly, try to get as many runes as possible, as they can be exchanged for upgrades.

In summary, a nice game for those who already like management games and want to make a step further into online gaming. It runs on low to medium end devices, so tech specs shouldn't be a problem.

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Feb 14, 2013

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