LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher

LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher

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LightLaunch is highly customizable light launcher with smooth 3D graphics

• 3D Effects - Does not use OpenGL to keep the launcher light
• Unlimited Pages - Simply drag and drop icons to make unlimited pages
• Icon Themes - Use icon packs
• Icon Scaling - Scale icons as big or as small as you like
• Customizable Scrolling - Customize scrolling to your taste
• And Much More - Download and try all of the other features

• Fix Apps that have 2 icons - 100% Done
• Fix Page Indicator On Some Devices - 100% Done
• Draw Text Performance Boost - 100% Done
• More Customization Settings - 90% Done
• Optimize Code And Better Performance - 55% Done
• Fix Some Icon Packs Not Working Correctly - 0% Done

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Modifiche recenti in questa versione

--- 4.0.6
Fixed Scrolling for some devices
Fixed uninstall/install apps
Fixed some apps not showing

--- 4.0.5
Added 3 finger tap to open menu

--- 4.0.4
Added ability to manually set settings with keyboard
Reduced memory usage may not effect everyone

--- 4.0.3
Reduced memory usage a little bit more
Fixed crashing when text size is very big and icon size is very small

--- 4.0.2
Reduced ram usage (bitmaps cached)
Fixed crashing if icon size larger then device screensize

Commenti e valutazioni per LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher
  • (64 stelle)

    by Salvatore Squillace il 06/10/2014

    Buono per i poco vedenti.

  • (64 stelle)

    by Piero Testa il 04/01/2014

    I love it

  • (64 stelle)

    by ɟɹǝɐʞıu n il 17/09/2013


  • (64 stelle)

    by Ajeje brasorf il 17/05/2013

    Non vaaaa

  • (64 stelle)

    by Marko Menghini il 13/05/2013

    Veramente ben fatto, merita 5 stelle e forse anche di più

  • (64 stelle)

    by Matteo Rota Graziosi il 12/05/2013

    Good, but the one thing I need is the automatic sorting (name, most used, installation date...) after this 5 stars!!!!

  • (64 stelle)

    by christian irolla il 08/05/2013

    Cercavo un launcher leggero e semplice, volevo una home con tutte le app in scrolling e semplificando tutte le impostazioni l'ho ottenuta. Le icone delle apps disinstallate restano sulla home fino al riavvio del cell. Icon themes please for 5*. Need to restart the phone to delete apps icon from the home.