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Digital Binder is one of the gDoc Inspired solutions that makes the move from paper to digital effortless. It enables you to replace your heavy and bulky ring-binders with a simple and intuitive digital version that feels like paper. For example, you can use the PC Digital Binder to create a personal organizer which you can use on your iOS device, or organize hundreds of notes and documents in a single Digital Binder.

Digital Binders is a gDoc Inspired solution that lets you collect and organize all your different digital documents just the way you want to (More than 100 different file formats supported). You can read and annotate your documents on iOS devices as simply as you do on paper. Add comments, read documents, write in the margins or sign contracts as simply as you do on paper. Now it is easy to go paperless and support your own devices in the office.

Built using Global Graphics’ gDoc TrueView™ technology pages are sharp when zoomed in and navigating through the binder is a real pleasure, no training needed. Going paperless has never been any easier.

To share Digital Binder files (.bdrx) with your iOS device, send an email with the .bdrx attachment to your iOS email client.
Digital Binder files can also be shared through Web downloads, FTP downloads, and many cloud based storage services.

Feel the simplicity of paper and the power of digital with Digital Binder by gDoc Inspired.

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