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    "Allontana le zanzare" è un'applicazione che allontana le zanzare con l'ecografia.

    "Anti mosquito App" is an application that repels female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) using ultrasonics inaudible to human ears or nearly.

    Quick Tip: Each family of mosquito is sensitive to a frequency so test each of them.

    A timer is used to manage the transmission time of ultrasound.

    ¤ Select the frequency among the four proposed
    ¤ Select diffusion time
    ¤ Direct the speakerphone broadcast the sound throughout the room

    You can stop at any time the diffusion of sound Anti Mosquito by pressing the ON/OFF button.

    New : mode "Rotate" allows you to alternate each frequency activated from the options (preferences) menu

    Discover more features with higher version "Anti Mosquito Plus"

    You can set:
    ¤ display start-up assistance
    ¤ the diffusion time default

    The best mosquito repellent with timer.

    If you experience a problem with our application, send us an email to inform us of it.

    Permissions used:
    - Vibration for notification
    - Read Phone State for cutting the ultrasound during a call
    - Internet for Google ads

    Version 2.4 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 2.3 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 2.2 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 2.1 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 2.0 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 1.9 :
    ¤ Optimization
    ¤ Debug

    Version 1.8 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 1.7 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 1.6 :
    ¤ Debug

    Version 1.5 :
    ¤ Adding a new frequency (26kHz)
    ¤ Adding the action bar (menu) for Android 4.0 and higher
    ¤ Adding mode "Rotate" allows you to alternate each frequency activated from the options (preferences) menu.

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