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    TalkSide context-aware engine prepares the talk for you, even before you call.

    This special full screen caller ID app, guesses what content you would want to talk about or share with your friends during the call, and creates a visual talk feed for you.

    TalkSide integrates many content sources, including: recent photos and statuses from caller’s Facebook updates, trending local RSS items, birthday reminders, location-based suggestions for going out together, caller’s chat history and more. The system learns what you like to see, and selects the content for you.

    Finally, you can browse these full screen caller image items and even send them while talking


    * Full Caller Image - view full screen caller image, set caller HD photos

    * Caller's Social/Facebook Updates - browse full screen caller images and statuses (synced with Facebook), and see what he/she's been up to

    * Birthday Reminder - before and after the birthday. Let's you also send a real-time greeting, while on the phone

    * Hangin' Out - thinking of things to do together? TalkSide comes up with relevant events around you

    * SMS Chat History - always remember what was the last topic you talked about

    * Happening Now - never stay without things to talk about - TalkSide comes up with trending RSS news on topics you care about

    * My photos - don't remember what you've been up to? TalkSide reminds you of your recent gallery photos, and while you're at it, you can share them without leaving the conversation

    * Fun extras - sound effects to play on the call, built-in camera and more

    * Single click to send - send items by SMS messages, Whatsapp or Facebook during the call


    TalkSide displays this full screen caller id info on incoming calls and displays the full screen caller id info on outgoing calls. It integrates well with some of the other caller ID apps, but not with others:

    - It integrates well with truecaller - you can set truecaller to open with caller full info for unknown contacts, and have TalkSide open with HD full caller ID talk feed for your friends

    - It integrates well with caller name talker, caller name speaker and caller name announcer apps - caller name talker would do the audio, and TalkSide the caller full image and visuals

    - It does not integrate well with other full screen caller image android apps, full screen caller ID, HD full caller ID, and full caller id apps (these all will try to show the full caller image)


    - We do not upload, share or post your data unless you ask us to

    - We do NOT upload phone numbers, emails or other contact details from your contact list and phonebook. Your phonebook remains private and secured on your device.


    PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS, READ PHONE STATE - let TalkSide open and show the caller hd id data on calls
    MODIFY_PHONE_STATE, CALL_PHONE, MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - let you dial, end calls, use speaker
    INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - load the caller full image etc and store locally
    SEND_SMS, READ_SMS - full on sms history, and send items with sms messages
    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED, VIBRATE - when receiving items from friends
    READ_CONTACTS, INSTALL_SHORTCUT - you can select and view caller hd id and caller hd photo before dialing
    WRITE_CONTACTS - you can set full caller image for your contacts with caller hd quality
    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - receive relevant suggestions for going out together
    CAMERA - built in camera to send photos while on a call


    Your feedback is important. Contact us with requests/problems at:

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