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    Batteria Dr(Save Battery)

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    Massimizza ed estendi la Durata della Batteria.
    Migliora la durata della batteria del 5%-20%!
    -1:Supporto Ciclo di Carica Completo.
    -2:Aiuto durante la terminazione dei tasks e reset del telefono facilmente!
    -3:Mostra lo stato della batteria,temperatura,tempo conversazioni etc.
    Per migliorare la durata della batteria del telefono,è consigliato
    terminare i task in esecuzione,regolare la luminosità dello schermo
    (volume),spegnere il wifi,gps,bluetooth,Auto-sync etc.
    Also searched as:
    batteria Risparmiatore, batteria più forte,lo stato della batteria,sullo stato della batteria, app batteria, la durata della batteria, gestore di processi,del telefono cellulare

    Thanks to Gabriele Ravanetti for translating it.
    Old name:Battery Doctor to Save Battery or Battery saver.
    If it forces close,please Clear the data of Battery Dr on the "Manage Applications" screen or uninstall and reinstall it.
    ★---Extend your Battery life---
    Do you want to make your battery stronger?Dr.Battery can help you to save power.Download the battery app now!
    Improve your Battey life!Max your Battery life.Make your phone faster and smoother.
    ✔Help you to kill tasks quickly and reset your phone easily!
    ✔Show battery health,temperature,talktime etc.
    ✔To improve your phone's battery,you should kill running tasks,adjust screen brightness(volume),turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth,Auto-sync etc.
    ✔Battery Dr saver is the best Battery Improver/Battery Booster/battery saver tool.As your Battery Helper,it helps you to improve battery life .
    ✔Includes: Power Management(Battery Management),Battery Notifier, Battery Monitor,Power Control,task killer.
    ★---Battery Information/Battery Watcher---
    Displays the battery status, battery information and so on.
    ✔Battery Time displays the remaining time(battery's running time) for:TalkTime(2G/3G/4G),AudioTime,VideoTime,Web Surfing Time and Idle Time.
    ✔Displays the health and the temperature of the battery.
    ✔Full charge alarm
    ✔Show Battery Usage
    ✔Battery indicator
    ✔Reset Battery Profile
    ★---About Full Charge---
    ✔1:Be sure that your battery power is less than 20%,and then launch this app and plug the charger cable.
    ✔2:Recharge your battery directly to 100% with no pause.
    ✔3:It will alert you when charging is complete.
    With the Settings,you can extend Battery Life(boost Battery Life).It improves your Battery Performance.
    ✔Set screen timeout time
    ✔Volume control:Ringer volume,Notification volume,Media volume,Alarm volume,Voice call volume,System volume.
    ✔Set screen brightness.
    ✔Ringer control:Silent mode,Vibration mode,Sound only mode.
    ✔Set Wi-Fi/wifi,Bluetooth,Auto-sync data,Airplane mode
    ✔GPS receiver/ GPS setting
    ✔2G/3G toggle(mobile data)
    ★---Task Killer/advanced task manager---
    The task killer like ATK allows you to kill processes on your Android quickly . The best process manager.
    ✔Simple,quick to use
    ✔Memory booster/ram booster.
    ✔Ignore list
    ✔Show the memory
    ✔Notification in the status bar
    ✔one-click task killer widget
    ✔app manager:Switch to/Detail/Uninstall apps.
    ★---Other functions---
    Search history eraser(history cleaner):
    1 click to clear search history and all cached files.
    1 tap to erase history data ,delete web Browser history,clipboard data etc. Cleanup your phone.
    ★---histroy version---
    1.Support Chinese
    2.Add Clear History button to "History" screen.
    1.Adjust the screen for italian version
    2.Fix some crash bugs
    3.Clear cache automatically.
    1.Tips:Help you to save battery.
    2.Move "Battery Time information" to "Settings"
    3.Share function.
    ✔v1.6.7:Fix some bugs on 2.3(Gingerbread)
    1.Change some images.
    2.Fix 1 bug on 2.3(Gingerbread)
    3.Support French

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