Explore Milan SMART City Guide




    Planning a trip to Milan or want to learn about its people, places, facts, cuisine, art, history and its top languages? Explore Milan SMART City Guide is a travel app to explore the beautiful Milan city. Get more than 5,000 elements of Milan to experience under many broad categories. Plan a trip to your favorite places like Duomo Rooftops, Chiesa di Santa Maria presso San Satiro, Gallerie d’Italia - Piazza Scala, Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano, Basilica di Sant'Eustorgio, Duomo Museum, Fondazione Hangar Bicocca, Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa, Arco della Pace, Chartreuse of Milan and try exotic food.

    Avail the app features even when you are offline. Apart from this, it tells you Why, When and How to visit various places in Milan with precise location on the detailed Map. Pin your destinations and get the routes on the Map. Not only this, you can see exactly how the place looks like with Street View integrated in this app.

    Milan Travel Guide is divided into the following categories:-

    Art & History Aficionados
    Carnivals & Festivals
    Nature Nomads
    Spiritual Sanctuaries
    Wildlife Wanderings
    Celebrities Cells
    Business Boulevards
    Transportation Hubs
    Historical Events
    Geo & Socio Outlook
    What's News
    Lingo Sense
    Educational Excellence

    Main Features:-

    * Routes not only take you to the destinations but show other fascinating places
    * Airways, Roadways, Railways and Waterways information for a trouble free travel
    * Have a close look at the wildlife with Wildlife Wanderings
    * Not only taste but learn to cook delicacies
    * Communicate in the city from your own Language!
    * Get live news
    * Separate section for main Attractions!

    Milan City Guide is all that you need to Explore Milan city. The virtual trip is so mesmerizing that you will go for the real one!

    ** Full features and content under these categories require additional InApp purchases as mentioned below:-

    1. BePro-Full Volume:- This purchase unlocks all the content in each category and also makes the app ads free.
    2. BePro-Recipe:- This purchase unlocks premium recipes in Cuisine category.
    3. BePro-Languages:- This purchase unlocks premium content and unlimited switching of languages in Lingo Sense category.
    4. BePro-Places:- This purchase unlocks premium places in Art & History Aficionados, Carnivals & Festivals, Nature Nomads, Spiritual Sanctuaries, Wildlife Wanderings, Business Boulevards, Transportation Hubs, Sports and Educational Excellence Categories.
    5.BePro-Ad Free:- This purchase makes the app Ads free.