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    When you are tired of the countless songs in your music library, "Pipi music" is a decent option for you.
    You can smoothly change the speed of the music and tone, aggressiveness of low speed, joy caused by high speed, deepness from low sounds, and cheerfulness of the high pitch will be free across at your fingertips.

    “Chocolate” mode is what we like to recommend to you. I liked the line which is in movie "Forrest Gump" -- " Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get", So, just open the “chocolate”, lock the screen, you'll never guess out which is the next song.

    Sporting mode is original with "Pipi music". In this mode, music will be gradually out of tune and even become harsh till you reach the set running speed or drive under the speed limit. That is exactly what "Pipi music" want- hope you can stick to sports and enjoy a safety driving.

    Although "Pipi music" is just a small one in seas of applications, as an amateur developer , here I want to express my gratitude - Thanks to my wife- Lola for tolerating my indifference to housework ;thanks to my 1 year old daughter –Rachel for bringing so much joy to us; and I thank all my family for their full support and encouragement for me.

    Last but not least, I want to thank you all for downloading "Pipi music" and standing with the ugly interface, rough sound quality of it , and your understand for the shameless advertisment will also be appreciated.

    Hope "Pippi music" will bring you more joy!